What is Inlåst?
Inlåst means “Locked up” and is the first and only escape room in Växjö.
The challenge is for teams of 4-6 players. Together, you will be locked in a room and the goal is to find the way out in less than 60 minutes. Being successful requires good cooperation in problem solving and good communication. 

For everyone?
All our rooms are playable even if you don’t understand swedish. The introduction and the hints can be given in english and the game itself is language free but it is important that you can communicate with each other in one language.
However, this is a game for adults 18 years or older. Minors are welcome accompanied by parents but there should always be a majority of adults in the room.

How to book inlåst:
You book in advance through the booking site.  We offer private bookings so you will never play with strangers.
The price is 290 SEK per person, minimum charge 3 persons. We recommend, however, that no team be less than four players if you want a reasonable chance of getting out in time (if you have not played a lot of rooms before). 

Any more questions? Feel free to Google-translate our swedish text.

The Rooms:

Abstrakt (Abstract)
Tomorrow, the famous exhibition Epacse Moor (triangle drama) by the successful Evelina Pastell opens at Galleri Abstrakt. Her most expensive sculpture will, for safety's sake, be carried to the opening by the artist herself directly from her studio, where it is still in safe custody. A plan that can hardly go wrong, right?

The level of difficulty is slightly lower than our previous rooms.
Suitable for both first-time players and experienced players.
Recommended number of people: 4-6 beginners or 3-4 experienced players.

Clues and introduction can be given in Swedish or English.

Fabriken (The Factory)
The old factory has been deserted for many years. You have heard rumors of strange activities at the site and decided to investigate. You barely make it in until the door slams shut behind you. Do you have what it takes to get out?

The level of difficulty is medium, but high for first-time players.
Recommended number of people: 4-6 players

Clues and introduction can be given in Swedish or English.

Experiment 147

The famous botanist and chemist Fingal Thius is dead. On his deathbed, he expressed his concern about his latest project: Experiment 147. If it ends up in the wrong hands, it could have fatal consequences, according to him. You have access to his study for an hour to try to find out more about Experiment 147 and why it was so important for him.

The level of difficulty is slightly higher than our previous rooms. First-time players should, if possible, choose another room.

Recommended number of people: 4-6 players

Clues and introduction can be given in Swedish or English.
There is some swedish text

in the room but nothing you have to understand to solve the puzzles.